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About us

Want to try something new and unique? Welcome to Armenian cuisine restaurant “Burcho’s” Burcho is a cuisine with a chef Danielyan Razmik, who is also the owner of the Armenian cuisine restaurant chain “Burcho” The residents of the capital have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the tasty food since 1999, when the first restaurant of this chain was established. That is where Burcho provides a masterpiece of culinary. Unique author’s dishes made by the chef make the guests loyal. There are actors, businessmen and politicians among them. Our menu includes – a wide choice of dishes, that taste delicious and are of a great quality. Moscow restaurant chain of Armenian cuisine Burcho’s invites all the gourmets to participate in a huge celebration of food.,where you can enjoy the wide range of assortment and spend an unforgettable time with your friends. If you have lack of opportunity or time to be our guests - not a big deal! All you need is to make a call and our cooks will be at your place or at you working place thanks to our “outgoing kitchen” “Burcho’s” Armenian food chain welcomes all the connoisseurs of the Armenian food.




950 ₽

Cabbage rolls with grape leaves


800 ₽

Tjhvjheek branded "Burcho"


830 ₽

Khinkali boiled branded "Burcho"


115 ₽



The delivery of the food solves a significant amount of problems. Restaurant 'Burcho’s'' suggests to deliver hot dishes to your place and working place or organize the cooking process on your space thanks to our cooks.


Metro Paveletskaya; Savovnicheskaya naberezhnaya, 79 house

Tel: 8-495-979-06-42; 8-495-739-45-74

Metro Novie Cheremushki; Profsoyuznaya Street, house 64, corp 2

Tel: 8-495-115-45-50

Restaurant is open from 10:00 to 24:00